First off and foremost, Welcome to our site!

Thank you for your interest. This site was created to help sim golfers like ourselves find new challenges to play. This site was created as a free resource for the sim golfing community. We are new to this and we are looking for your patience and your feedback as we grow.

Please feel free to use the site to find your next challenge, share your favorites, and comment and review on courses.

This site will rely on end user support to add and maintain listings & provide the required feedback.

We thank you in advance for your contributions to helping this site grow.

Searching Tools – Quick Guide

We have created a simple easy to use interface to allow you to search for, rate and add courses. There are essentially 3 primary was to search.

1 – HOMEPAGE SEARCH BAR ( By Location or Name )

  • Search by entering in a desired location. This can be by country, state or province, town or by general name.
  • Search results will be combined in a grid list view, and can be sorted or filtered from there using the advanced tools.
  • On the search results, users can also use a map to explore the area they have searched.

2 – ADVANCED SEARCH PAGE ( By filter or attribute )

  • Search by selecting attributes or filters on the ADVANCED search page.
  • Note – This page can be used in conjunction with the location search
  • Users can sort or filter by many categories includes course type, software package, release date, etc.
  • To use, select the checkboxes of the criteria and then press the FILTER button to see the refined results.


  • Searching by map can be completed to refine results of a search using HOMEPAGE or ADVANCED search.
  • Map results are located on the bottom left under the filter attributes. All search results shown will be on the map.
  • Map can be enlarged by using the expand button on the map. ( may be limited by screen size )
  • If you wish to simply see all courses on a map, begin a search with no filters applied and view the results.
  • Expanding the map will allow for easier viewing, and for zoom in & out functions.


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